Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Test Run

Well, this post is just me ensuring I set this blog up alright! And then we'll see if it is accessible in China and/or if I have internet. All packed up and in a hotel tonight, Mom drove me here because it's been freezing at night and we didn't want to do a 3am icy drive to the airport. I may have brought too many books, my suitcase is teetering at the 50 lbs mark, and my backpack is at least half that. I regret nothing, though when I'm checking in that may change.. I'll post pictures if I can from China!! Still not sure about the title of this blog, but thought I'd go for it since I could come up with nothing better.. For those who I neglected to say hi to before leaving- I'm sorry! Lack of cell signal at the farm, me being asleep for the first three days of break after driving to Oregon and my dislike of phone calls has been a hindrance. Hope all is well, and Happy New Year!

1 comment:

  1. I maintain that there is no way that you could have brought too many books.