Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hello from China!

Thanks to Pete's help! So I made it, I'm alive and well in my dorm room, my roommate is great, there is indeed heat in the room, and I have a test tomorrow I should be studying for.. But I'll give a quick run-down of some fun things/interesting things I've done so far!

Bought a cheap cell phone, some quaker oats instant oatmeal (not at all similar to the American version), got an OK cup for 3 块 kuai- (50 cents), been astounded at how cheap food is,  frozen my face off running in the park, gotten lost in the park, eaten candied hawthorn candy, tried to explain I was looking for a converter in Chinese to a Chinese person, done well on some 听写s, signed a language pledge, tried to ask Chinese people about their retirement, eaten a lot of 饺子, drank a lot of black currant juice, studied a lot of Chinese.

Now the good part! Pictures:

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  1. d'aww, Viv the blog is so adorable. I look forward to seeing all sorts of awesome pictures and hearing lots of fun stories about not-freezing your face off, not-getting lost, staying super safe 100% of the time... and the tall cutie in the middle of the group picture (gosh I hope he never reads this ^__^) he looks like a crew person... I know you'll succeed, but good luck with all the exams, studying, the language pledges etc... and make sure to have loads of fun! -- Cory