Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back in the States?!

So I made it back! I know I need to tell the story of our "graduation" and last days in China, but for now I will just say that I'm surprised how hard it was to leave. But I returned to Oregon in the midst of early summer, which is really, really, gorgeous. Also, my family and strawberry season, so good stuff all around.

Sideways view from our front porch in the morning.

Running "in town"

More running "in town"

Driving to the airport! So I was home for 5 days, and then off to Santa Barbara for my internship with Sonos. Though upon arrival I had no idea what I would be doing, thank to my Mom I had already found an awesome housing situation, so I figured no matter what it would be an awesome summer. But this sort of weather and company was hard to leave.

Zach had driven my car down to SB for me, and then he also got to visit his friends, so good for both of us I hope. I arrived and was greeted by my fantastic housemates, got a tour of the house, unpacked (you know me), and woke up to some... gray skies. But my housemates took me out for Brunch, which was delicious and filled with wonderful company. After brunch they took me on a quick tour of Santa Barbara, including the Mission, where we saw this plant!

We also went to the courthouse, which had been mysteriously rented out "for a company event" but no one knew the company name. We watched them set up from the tour and speculated, but no conclusions were reached.

The next day, Monday, I started work! After orientation we got shown to our desks. But it turns out it's not very practical for me to work away from my team, so I ended up sitting in Paul (who is at the Apple Conference)'s seat. Today I finished getting adequate permissions and software, but now I have a working build and am ready to start! PS: I am Soooooooo happy I get to use a mac for work (and a nice one!) 

Today I joined a housemate for dinner at The Natural Cafe, which is amazing and I highly recommend it. We sat outside so we could also watch the farmers market people walk by. This was some delicious pizza. 

I also got some flowers! 

Alright, well, it's 20:50, which is pretty much bed time for me. I'll write more soon, I don't know if I'll change the URL, probably not, and the blog will just morph into me taking pictures of food and running views in America... and Yes, I will try to do a "reflective China post", but no guarantees :)