Sunday, January 27, 2013

Might be the most fun I've ever had

OK, so I haven't posted in awhile, so I have to play catch up now. From the title you may correctly presume that I have been having a blast, so this may take two posts or more, I have a lot of pictures :)

You may remember that I was planning an epic journey to visit Mimee's family last Sunday. Not actually hard- just one subway line switch and a lot of watching other people on the subway. It was a success! Of course it snowed, but that meant the air was actually quite good. Mimee's dad wasn't around, but here's a picture of me with them, feeling like a tree.

After chatting for awhile, and a super delicious lunch, we went window shopping, a new experience for me. 

There were lots of rice cookers! Upon our return to their apartment, I was gifted with a thermos, as my brief interest in thermoses while shopping had been noted, and they apparently had one they hadn't used. I have since discovered that this thermos has a seemingly magical ability to keep beverages warm. Six hours later I still managed to scald my mouth.

I got quizzed on my ability to recognize characters, and lets say I was quickly outpaced by an 12(11?) year old. Notice the complicated looking ones which are especially in focus in the photo above :) 

And I saw Mimee's baby photos!! So cute!

After a delicious homemade meal (so sumptious!) and playing Dominos with the cousins, I got sent home with some delicious vegetables and a feeling of being very welcome. Some of the kindest people I've met.

So good!!! 

And then back to the grind of school! Broken up by a trip to a bakery where I got this delicious and adorable bun!

Subway at rush hour. I must say I am a subway pro at this point.
 If I encounter a subway in the states, should be a piece of cake.

And below we have a photo of another of my new favorite things to eat- Blackcurrant flavored yogurt(?) ! Not quite like the yougurt we have in the states, you squeeze it out of this bag or use a straw. There is a mysterious air pocket on the right side, whose use I have yet to determine (any guesses?)

What is this you ask? I too am not 100% sure.

More delicious cheap food photos!!

And then the not so delicious. Though I was tentatively fine with sampling this apparent Beijing staple dish, my roommate said we would put it off for another day, so I have yet to see if it is actually the worlds most disgusting food... 

Errr I'm putting up part two now, so this post doesn't get too long.


  1. That's one cute bun! I think the air pocket is mimic a handle on a cup if you are drinking your yogurt. The yucky it liver???

  2. What is that 'staple' dish? Also, have you really never been on a subway in the US? I've never seen one quite that crowded. NYC can get pretty bad at times, but Boston and DC? Never. London got close, but that isn't in the US and therefore doesn't count.

  3. It's fermented(not 100% sure of that translation) egg! You can get them everywhere, even convenience stores! Well, I'd taken subways before(Boston-the T), but never during rush hour, so here using the subway to go to food shopping solo was an exciting adventure! But now it's normal. I am tall here! I was surprised how many Chinese girls want to be taller- most of them wear these inserts in their shoes.

  4. Vivian you feel like a tree? This is how I feel with the Vivian!