Saturday, January 19, 2013

Great Wall Trip

The morning dawned, I packed enough supplies for three people, including an emergency kit, and we met at the front gate. Our RAs thought we had all arrived, but after riding on the bus for ~4 minutes, they got a call from a student running towards where the bus was supposed to be. Without mercy, we continued. Sitting behind me on the bus, two students were speaking rather stilted Chinese (not saying 觉得 correctly) but my classmate and I paid no heed to them and reviewed characters for a while, before falling asleep. At last we reached our destination, the MuTianYu section of the great wall!

If you look closely, you may be able to see a tower..

And now lots of scenery pictures! Better than food ones(?).

I'm on the wall!

It is long.

And very high up.

Lots of stairs! I came from somewhere further down on the wall.

Since my goal for the trip was seeing the wall and hearing silence, I struck out on my own. I over heard lots of German conversations- apparently there are a lot of German businessmen in Beijing right now? I inched down some steep stairs on my butt, (had been fine going up them)- reminded me of Pre-O! Ate my PB&J on a quiet tower while reading and drinking my hot tea. (it was a pretty cold day, but alright when you were moving) Upon our return, I ventured to the subway to get some dinner and tea, and now I must study! Tomorrow I set off on an adventure to meet Mimee's mom- wish me luck ;)


  1. Remember what you are supposed to say to Mimee's mom!Glad you found your moment of silence and didn't fall asleep in your spot! Fate and Date!

  2. There's a reason it's called the 'long wall.' I'm constantly surprised by your fear of heights. Steep stairs, really? This may be a regression. Good photographs of the wall. Definitely better than the food ones- these don't make me hungry when there is no food handy.