Monday, March 4, 2013

Ahhh such a slacker...

So since I have fallen so far behind I am too lazy to give you all the moment by moment recollection I know you've been waiting for ^_^ 

In case you've forgotten, I'm in Hangzhou now!

In short, we went to Wenzheng two weekends ago! (Bc CET gave us 200 kuai reimbursement for any travel we did that weekend, and I find money irresistible, so instead of exploring Hangzhou, we were off!) My roomie had a dentist appointment, so she couldn't make it, but I went with 2 roommates + 1 Chinese friend and 2 other american students. It is an old traditional city, one of their traditional handicrafts is dying fabric- traditional method seen below.

My favorite Chinglish yet I think. 

Even not knowing Chinese, I think it is fairly obvious that much Chinese could not condense to that little English. 

Chinese new year decoration! Here is why it is upside down 
(so lazy!!)

Huge old library for scholars, but a distinct lack of books.

I want to live here!

Night is coming

A fountain by the fancy clubhouse in the city.

Street food! I love street food so much. It's a rice cake "baked" into this shape with a red bean paste center and some nuts and a red date on the top. 

We found a swing set!

Night time! We took a boat ride. 

And we say this before we got on the boat, but you know how this good I am at uploading.

We got back to our hotel and played some Uno! We were all freezing :) 

Upon returning to Hangzhou, we discovered the sun had come out, and everyone was sunning their blankets!

Bamboo ladder

More blanket shai-ing! Apparently if one doesn't do this, it is considered strange, as I was repeatedly asked by my teachers and other chinese roommates whether I was, so I did. My blanket then smelled like the sun. 

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