Monday, February 18, 2013

First days in 杭州!

A couple things I realized I hadn't written about: 高琳's mom's brother brought her a live Chinese New Year rooster, which sat tied up in the bathroom until 高琳's Dad killed and plucked it. Also, I received this handmade luggage tag and more baozi and mantou than I could eat for the trip.

I was once more surprised at the appearance of toilets! And so were others apparently.

I'm glad to hear this one!

After an exciting day of travel I was greeted by my adorable new roommate(佳丹) who immediately handed me an electric water bottle-like-thing and insisted I eat some fruit. After a few days of orientation, we've all settled in! There are only 9 foreign students, we all live in double rooms with a Chinese roommate. We also have our own bathrooms(with toilets) and hot water heaters, so pretty much really nice.

Part of orientation was foot massage!

There was fire involved! 

First dinner with some of the group!! My photo-shy roomie is in the pink on the right.

After a morning of orientation we found some cheap huge baozi for 1 kuai each. Plus 2 kinds of veggie ones, so they were great.

Cool house we saw when we were walking around.

Lots of nice running paths! All along the canals! 

Delicious milk in small glass bottles for 60 cents.

And my view this morning! 

So this was a lackluster post, but I'll post again with more info about my schedule etc :)


  1. Looks like a great dorm room and a clean city! I'm glad you have another wonderful roommate...hope the hot water bottle works...we're using ours here too!

  2. I want to hear more about the hour long foot massage!

  3. I love hearing your stories so much (I agree with bridgette, the one about the mah-jong game turning into a police visit was priceless!) and all the hilarious accounts of what your hosts say to you (like can you find an american boyfriend for x)! As of tonight I've decided your blog is perfect for procrastinating homework at 5am! ^_^ You seem to be having so many fun times and awesome adventures, we have to skype chat so you don't forget me/us/mudd in all the excitment!