Monday, March 4, 2013

Trying to catch up

One page of descriptive Chinese = 1.5 hours of time for me

80 cent dinner!

My universities F&M

My luggage arrived! After ~1 month :) 

I bought an Erhu and am taking lessons! Can play twinkle twinkle as of now. 

Spring is coming.

I ran to the east lake! So gorgeous. 

Notice anything strange about this picture? Those are bunnies!

More spring!

East lake. Actually took my breath away.

A map of China! I am where that red balloon is, approximately. 

Yay random corridors. 

Lots of older people like to use water to practice characters on the ground all over the place. 

So this was a lackluster post, I promise to have more exciting stories next time- maybe about the monster (?) that runs around our dorm at night, my exciting brush with death, my erhu lesson in detail, my roommate's plant's suicidal tendencies, and our mass despair at the amount of work facing us :) 


  1. Near death experience....ah...the mysterious wound or something new???

  2. Beautiful post--my favorite so far. Take good care--

  3. You'll have to wait and see... thanks auntie susan!

  4. Your photos look gorgeous! Loving the running photos! :)