Sunday, May 19, 2013

Only 2 weeks left ?!

Well, as could probably have been predicted by my trend of posting increasingly infrequently, it's been awhile. I've been up to all sorts of wandering, and a lot of writing for classes, though I have yet to make  significant progress on reading 铁凝's short stories, which I need to do for my June 1st thesis proposal due date. I've been practicing playing my erhu, I learned how to change hand positions last class, which was exciting!  But anyways,

We went to an art school for some class research, it was really nice, I wish I could attend : ) 

I discovered my love for this fruit, the Chinese Bayberry

Nice flowers on the bushes by our dorms

Walking to erhu class, came across this situation, there was a line of cars behind each of the "conflicting directions" cars in this picture.

I went running here

I have been trying out different kinds of , though usually I have no idea what the fruit flavors are. This one I like because it has mulberry!

Sunny times! Also, the guy stretching in cameo pants is also playing a flute. He stretched and played for 1/2 hour

I like these sort of photos. I see lots of people posing like this at sites. I tried, but I always end up smiling. 

Our fan in our room. The A/C is noisy and not very effective, so we just use our trusty ceiling fan.

I guess someone must have complained that the A/C wasn't very good, so all of a sudden a crew of 5 came to each of our rooms to remove the units. They were super efficient and didn't stop till the work was done. Then they cleaned up. Pretty good service. They should be coming back tomorrow morning to put in the new units.

We went to a fan making factory!

All of these tiny golden specks are hand painted characters. It's really impressive.

And.... the less impressive offering painted by yours truly. In my defense, I was in a hurry to get to my erhu class. 

I ran by the lake, and feel as if this picture is not too repetitive, as the lilies are popping up!

I went to a student activity center to interview people for class!

Other than class, there are a lot of art related activities one can join.

They practiced their English with me.


There are also a lot of rides, the activity center really is huge.

People are ready to stay there for awhile. 

Steady stream of people coming and going. 

And I found Ovaltine! Still not able to drink it, which is a pity because the nutrients would surely be an excellent supplement to my current fare of PB&J for most meals. 


  1. Vivian why were the people in tents at the activity center? Is that like a thing? Were they hobos? I don't understand.

    1. This seems to be a China thing- families bring tents to sit in instead of sitting on the ground. This is also a thing at beaches (also because they don't want to tan) so if you go to a beach, you will mostly see lots of tents. Also a thing for "hiking"- at spots along the trail, not too far in, families will set up tents, and then play games and eat and whatnot inside. In sum, I postulate they were not hobos :)

  2. I love the little boys making the peace sign...or are they boy scouts??? Trevor said he's go running in that forest and I had a vision of you stretching on a boulder AND playing the erhu....enjoy the new AC units!!!!

  3. Love your commentary and of course your pics. Your fan is lovely.

  4. Vivian!! Love the pic of your running spot! How large were the characters on the fan? It looks almost as though you need the magnifying glass to see them.

    1. Carola ! Don't worry, I know you were just saving up posts so you could savor them :)