Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cooking and Midterms

Ack! Sorry about the delay! We had midterms and I guess I procrastinated in other ways than posting.. 

As I've started to cook more food for myself ( I recently acquired a nice pan to cook things in) I have been frequenting our corner market, which is indoors, possibly due to the large amount of rain we get here ;) In Yunnan, most of the markets were outdoors. I'm recognized by all the salespeople here already, and for some reason everyone seems to think foreigners just want to buy tomatoes and cucumbers. It's really nice to get such fresh produce, and to be sure that the thing I'm eating has no meat in it ! But I loose out on the experience of eating in a cafeteria with other people, so I think I'll alternate days or something.

I'm not sure why this seems so strange to me, but buying eggs in a bag was quite the experience!

As a group activity, we went to a sichuan style restaurant! Notice the strange chandelier thing.. 

They cooked with fire! It was very impressive!

We went to an Australian restuarant for some meat-less burgers, which were delicious! Jeremy photo-bombed

Doing situps, I noticed an adorable white rabbit hopping around, it was super friendly.

I drank this, not sure how the rice would be incorporated. Of course, there was black rice just sort of mixed in with the strawberry yogurt. It was different, but still good.

My weekend study spot 

Everything is blooming!

And I also went to the West Lake.

I can't stop myself from posting these

And my erhu teacher! So adorable. So patient. I will practice so much this week(spring break!), hopefully my fingers will be able to move one at a time instead of sort of involuntarily moving as a group in the near future.

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  1. Looks so civilized--I'm glad about it all and that you manage quite well there! Lots of eating. This makes me a little jealous. I love everything. The blossoms, the black rice, the erhu.